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Virtual Support Partner

Under Construction.... more to follow..


  1. Pre-Event Planning and Preparation:​

    • Securing event venues or virtual platforms.

    • Contracting with vendors and suppliers.

    • Creating event registration processes & platforms.

  2. Promotion and Marketing:

    • Designing and distributing promotional materials.

    • Sending out email invitations and newsletters.

    • Tracking registration and RSVPs.

  3. Logistics and Operations:

    • Coordinating transportation and accommodations.

    • Arranging catering and menu planning.

    • Organizing equipment and technology needs.

  4. Participant Management:

    • Handling attendee inquiries and communications.

    • Managing attendee registrations and check-ins.

  5. Post-Event Evaluation and Wrap-Up:

    • Collecting feedback from attendees, speakers, and stakeholders.

    • Analyzing event performance and outcomes.

    • Generating post-event reports and summaries.

    • Conduction debrief questionnaires with staff and vendors

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